April 26th, 2008

An idea for my final paper would be to have it be themed about the two clashing ideas of nature: the positive and the negative.  Some people have nature idealized as an ethereal place, where one can be one with nature.  Others tell how nature actually is, with no sugar coating on the top of it to show how nature is in reality.  We have read about some of these ideas early on in the semester (Thoreau, Cronan, Emerson) but some of the works we have been reading recently have also placed their voice in the debate.  The more recent works seem to have a more realistic view on nature, one that tells us to respect it and appreciate what little we have left of it while still being cautious of what it can do to human life.  What we do to nature comes back to us.

            Another possible idea comes from the above statement, but mostly deals with the theme that over time, the views on nature have taken a gradual turn to what it is now.  I would go along the timeline from the early works that we studied about nature and show how the view has changed each generation to what is has become.  When Thoreau wrote “Walden”, he had his nature all around and available to him.  In present times, that is not the situation anymore.

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